Valentine’s Day: 10 Beauty Tips to Prep for Date Night


February 14 is Valentine’s Day.

Romance is definitely in the air and to make it a memorable one, invest in yourself and make your beauty shine in this upcoming season of hearts. For the desired overall effect, there are things you can do to soften the edges and be the woman of his dreams and fantasies.

Below are some tips on how you can achieve the most desirable you that would make him drool all over. Some can be included in your beauty regimen to maintain that glow you so desire.

1. Lash on the Lashes

Nothing says flirty like some really well curled and long eyelashes. Glamorous and sensual, the eyelashes need some help with your mascara to achieve their  full glory.

The process begins with the curling of the lashes. A really good eyelash curler is necessary to produce that dramatic flair. After curling, pinch the eyelashes gently at the roots and move along the length while doing some pulse-like squeezes as you progress. Put on the mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the roots. This applies as much mascara needed and it also spreads out your lashes more. If you are aiming for more length and volume, you will need three coats of mascara. This has to be combed through with a dry spooley brush while they are still wet.

2. Make ‘Em Kissable Lips

There are three steps you can do to make your lips kissable as possible.

First step is to exfoliate the lips with the use of a lip balm that has a hint of alpha hydroxy acid. Next is to moisturize the lips by using a lip balm that is made of petrolatum, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and dimethicone or ceramides. Steer clear from formulas because their ingredients will not penetrate as much as they have to and have nothing to do with flavored or fragranced ones because they can aggravate chapping.

And for the cherry on the cake, color them lips with the use of a tinted balm for that fresh looking shade he’s always been crazy about.

3. Smoothen Your Complexion

Exfoliation is an effective way of keeping your skin supple and touch-worthy. Do this twice a week with your own concoction of glycolic, alpha hydroxy or salicylic acid. This can give you a more radiant complexion that would leave him swooning.

Normal skin would benefit from a one-step salicylic or glycolic acid peel. Oily or combination skin needs a peel that is meant for day-to-day use while the sensitive skin needs the gentle type of peel to be applied once a week.

While both skincare regimens can be done at home using over-the-counter products, it is still advisable to consult a qualified dermatologist to get the appropriate treatment for your skin type.

4. Smell Like a Winner

A romantic day is not complete without smelling fabulous. And more often than not, the scent of a woman is a deal maker or breaker and can really heighten any date if the right scent is used and made to last for the duration of the date.

There are several points where perfume should be put on to make the fragrance last longer. Go straight to the pulse points because they give off heat and would successfully release the scent of your perfume. Other effective points include the inner elbows, temples, neck hollow, behind the ears, and behind the knees.

5. Shave to your Smoothest

Nothing defines femininity than a smooth, hairless body and a great shave of the important parts would make the date a little more special. Though there is a reason for body hair to appear on certain areas, skin without it looks more appealing and alluring.

For this ritual, the best one to use would be a five-bladed razor. Once inside the shower, let warm water soften the hair for three minutes. Go for a shaving cream instead of ordinary soap to create a smooth barrier between your skin and the blades. Hair conditioners or creamy body wash can also do the trick.

6. Get the Beauty Blush

A good blush can go a very long way. Color provides a nice contour for the cheeks and makes pale skin stand out for the right reasons.

For the most natural looking shade, go for the cream formula. It also goes on sheer and has been found to be pretty easy to blend. To find out the ideal shade, pinch your cheeks to see the color that you need to get. There are a lot of products for different kinds of skin that include the pale, medium, and dark variety.

7. Scented Body Oil Does Your Skin a Lot of Good

Because it is a special occasion, it would be nice for your skin to feel extra smooth  with the use of your favorite scented body oil. There are different fragrances to choose from but try to avoid those with overpowering scents that might turn off your partner. Scents that match the perfume you will be using would be ideal.

8. Loosen Up with the Foundation

A foundation trick for warmer climates would be to use less of it. This smoothens the surface without having it look all cakey, which in turn would make your skin look flawless. Besides, an overpowering amount of foundation would always give that aged look typically referenced to the 80’s.

A good foundation to use would be a water-based formula with light-reflecting particles. To make it more natural looking, apply the foundation with the use of your fingers and  blend it into the skin.

9. Wax it Away

There is something exotic with getting a bikini wax that makes every hair removed worth it. Aesthetically speaking, it creates a look that is clean.

You have to book your waxing session in advance because hair has to be long enough for the wax to be able to do its job. A quarter inch would be a good length to start with. Should you want to maintain it, get one every two to four weeks. Skin also needs to be prepped for this. If you want the closest wax, you have to exfoliate with a body wash that contains salicylic acid before the waxing session and do not put any lotion on it. If your tolerance for pain is low, take a pain reliever to manage it.

If you prefer long-lasting effects, you may go for laser treatments or IPL to get rid of unwanted hairs for good.

10. Cleavage is Everything

As minor as it looks, men are drawn to this area and this should encourage you to take care of this small patch of skin as it is really susceptible to brown spots. They are also more sensitive, so go easy on your anti-aging creams. And if you are in the mood to show them off, try an illuminating body powder on your collarbones to highlight them.

If you are already prepping yourself for an important date on Valentine’s Day, start with a medical skincare treatment at Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetic and Hair Clinic in Singapore. These include medical facials, chemical peels, and skin laser treatments. Dr. Tan will recommend the right treatment for your specific needs during the thorough consultation.

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