The Skin-Deep Challenges of Living in Singapore


Humidity, Hot Weather and Skin Resurfacing

Living in a metropolis like Singapore does have its unique challenges which you unfortunately must deal with. Weather and other environmental factors can all play a certain role in the decline of our skin if left unmanaged. That is the reason why there is a need to know the medical aesthetic treatments that are available for this kind of situation.


Below are some of the best ones out there that are based on the lifestyle of a Singaporean. So, read on and see what kind of wonders can be done to keep it nice and healthy.

Singapore is NOT Face-Friendly

All locals and expats in Singapore will tell you that the equatorial weather of the city is noticeably humid with temperatures reaching heights that go up to 30 degrees and beyond. Such temperatures make it easy for skin to act up and breakout in pimples. This is the reason why many Singapore residents battle with acne on a regular basis. To combat these unwanted pimples, the best thing to do is to amp up your skincare and make sure that you are taking care of your skin the best way possible.

Get Professional Help

There are faces that do not easily act-up and there are those that are so sensitive that they periodically break-out, easily gets irritated, and sometimes even becomes itchy and flaky — traits you would not like your skin to be attributed with.


Due to reasons such as cost, shame, or plain lack of knowledge on the subject matter, a lot of people tend to just dive into the internet and self-medicate. What most fail to see is that treatments do not work the same way on all types of skin. Some react more positively to the treatment than to others, never mind if the symptoms are all the same.


To avoid any untoward reaction, it is always wise to get professional help. While you are at it, please make sure that the professional you approach is highly qualified to do the job. The Singapore Medical Council is a good resource to help you fact check and narrow down your choices.


Professionals would be able to diagnose what is real acne from a fungal infection, like the ones you normally find on the back and chest. Such infections require the use of very specific anti-fungal lotions or creams. A misdiagnosis from a less competent doctor will lead you to a wild goose chase for the right medication to cure your problems. Do not let it reach that frustrating and draining point.


The bottom line is that if you simply rely on generic and over-the-counter treatments, it is not always the best way out of your skin concerns. It is always advisable to get checked first by a dermatologist.

Use Clinically Legitimate Cleansers

The humidity in Singapore creates a need for people to shower, or even wash their faces, up to three times a day. Yet, they are still plagued by the zits, oily skin, and a laundry list of other problems.


Cleansers may be efficient in getting rid of oil and dirt off your face. However, over-cleansing the face will only be bad for the skin. In this situation, one can safely deduce that washing your face multiple times will never get rid of the pimples.


If you want to be safe and sure, opt for cleansers that are created by the dermatologists themselves. Aside from being equally a good lathering agent and cleanser, it is also worth noting that the ingredients used should not make the skin dry to maintain the natural moisture of the skin while keeping it clean.

No Scrubs or Clay Masks

It seems highly irregular for a dermatologist to discourage their patients from having their scrubs or luxurious facial masks. But all of this comes from a place of truth that a lot of patients experienced complications because such products do not cater to how the skin really works. Remember, your skin is not made of wood so sloughing off the skin with the beady and harsh grains of the said treatments could only hurt more than it helps.

Invest in Your Skin

As early as your mid-20’s, you must be aware of the need to protect your skin and maintain it to keep its youthful and vibrant look a lot longer, and consequently age better over the years.


Chemical peels are suggested once a month. This treatment makes use of a chemical solution that causes the skin to peel off to reveal a wonderful layer of your skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by environmental and biological factors. It is also good for treating some specific types of acne and acne scars.


Medical facials are also advised to be done from time to time. Getting a medical facial instead of a spa facial will allow you to get a treatment customized to your specific skin condition to help rectify the damages of aging, skin dehydration, and sun damage.


Laser resurfacing is another treatment that uses concentrated pulsating beams of light that are pointed at the problem areas of the skin. It is popular for treating wrinkles, skin blemishes, and unsightly acne scars. This treatment is recommended for those who have fine lines circling the eyes or the mouth as well as the shallow variety of acne scars. It can also address stretch marks.


With the scorching heat in Singapore, it is always best that you put the welfare of your skin at the top of your list. Make sure that you invest in your skin and start by visiting a dermatologist on preventive measures that you can do or get treatments to reverse the damage on your skin.


At Dr. Tyng Tan’s Aesthetics and Hair Clinic, we will carefully assess your skin condition and provide you with treatments that will suit your needs. Dr. Tan understands the intricacies of Asian skin and the right treatments to address your skin problems.


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