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Laser Tattoo Removal in Singapore

tattoo-removal-singaporeToday, tattoo removal is performed with the use of a non-invasive device called a Q-switched laser that produces short pulses of light to the deeper layers of the skin. This causes the tattoo pigment to break down without damaging the surrounding skin.

In Singapore, Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic uses a type of Q-switched laser called nd: YAG laser. It is a near-infrared light that is easily absorbed by dark tattoo pigments and cause it to break down.

The laser treatment penetrates the skin layers deep enough to reach well-embedded pigments. It also comes with a longer wavelength which is appropriate for dark-skinned individuals because of its low affinity to melanin.

The Problem

Tattooing is gaining popularity among young Singaporeans. But, a percentage of those who get tattoos regret having it done and want to have it removed.

Some of the common reasons why people who got inked want to remove their tattoos is because of lifestyle changes, loss of personal attachment to the design, new career and because of a poorly done tattoo quality. Also, there are others who see that having a tattoo is no longer relevant because of their age or even because of the stigma of having a tattoo. Research showed that half of Singaporeans are less likely to hire someone with tattoos.

The Treatment

Q-switched nd:YAG laser delivers a pulse duration quick enough with sufficient energy to fragmentize the pigments before the heat dissipates into the surrounding skin. This minimizes the occurrence of burns and scarring in the surrounding tissues.

This type of treatment can be used to remove decorative tattoos or to fade existing tattoo for a cover-up tattoo. It can also partially remove tattoo details on some patients who have a complaint about a design flaw in their skin art (too big, overly designed), a misspelled word or a wrong name. Cosmetic tattoos in the eyebrows and lips may also benefit from this treatment. However, tests must be made first before a full-on treatment.

The Results 

The Tattoo Laser Removal procedure will completely eliminate or drastically fade a tattoo depending on the number of treatment sessions that will be prescribed by our doctor.


It takes little to no downtime when getting a laser tattoo removal done. You can immediately resume your daily routine and will only require minimal and simple after-care treatment.


Our in-house doctor, Dr. Tyng Tan, will make a thorough evaluation of your skin and your tattoo to determine the required number of treatment sessions you will to achieve the desired results and leave your skin ink-free with a clean canvas.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Is the process painful?

The laser emits a light that is delivered in nanosecond pulses. The sensation on each pulse can be described as similar to a snap of a rubber band. However, it is more tolerable than the tattoo application. A topical numbing cream will be applied to the area to alleviate any pain or discomfort that you may feel during the actual procedure. A cooling agent will also be applied to the area immediately after the procedure to soothe it. This will then be covered in a bandage or patch while it is still sensitive.

2. Will it leave a scar?

A majority of tattoo removal cases will provide pleasing results with little to no scarring (Bernstein, 2007). However, the rare risk of scarring may occur among those who have immune system deficiencies. Certain medications and a history of keloid formation can also increase one’s likelihood. Therefore, you must be keen on informing the doctor about this information so that preventive measures are taken.

3. Will it result in hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation?

The risk of hyperpigmentation is low. In cases where hyperpigmentation may occur, a treatment cream will be prescribed by the doctor to address this and will gradually lighten and resolve.

Nd:YAG lasers are least likely to cause hypopigmentation, making it an ideal choice for tattoo removal in dark-skinned individuals.

4. How many treatments do I need to remove my tattoo?

Every tattoo is as unique as each individual seeking treatment. This means that the number of treatment greatly depends on the following:

  1. Skin Color and Type
  2. Size
  3. Color and intensity of the pigment
  4. Depth
  5. Location
  6. Length of time you have had the tattoo
  7. Type of ink
  8. Individual’s health condition

Generally, a professional tattoo requires between 5 to 10 treatment sessions and spaced 6 to 12 weeks apart. Home tattoos can be done with lesser sessions (around 4-6).

5. Will laser treatment completely remove my tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal has a good success rate. However, the results may vary for each patient. While some can erase every trace, other devices will result in minimal improvements. However, these results are also dependent on a variety of factors.

Certain ink colors are easier to remove compared with others. The easiest are black and dark green, while red, yellow, purple and turquoise are the hardest to fade. White, flesh and pink tones used in cosmetic tattoos can darken with laser and tests should be performed first before any attempts at removing these colors. In the case of old and faded tattoos, those will be easier to remove than new ones.

6. What are the after-care treatments that I need to follow?

Laser tattoo removal requires a simple after-care treatment. A healing ointment and bandage will be applied to the treated area after the procedure. It should be kept dry and out of the sun during the first day.

Scrubbing and intense physical activity that may affect the treated area should be avoided to ensure proper healing. Blisters and flaking are normal as part of the healing process of the skin. Crusting will eventually slough off about 14 days post treatment.


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