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Regenera Activa (A Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore)



Regenera Activa – Get Natural-Looking Hair Without Getting Surgery

It is a safe and effective hair loss treatment to address alopecia or other hair loss problems.


Regenera Activa involves the collection of 3-4 tissue specimens (Autologous Micrograft) from the patient’s own scalp. Compared to synthetic treatments or animal abstracts, this treatment eliminates the risk of tissue rejection, sensitivity or allergy. It also assures own growth potential.

Done under local anaesthesia, the samples are taken from the back of the scalp (usually a small area behind the ear) as it is the area that is least susceptible to androgenetic alopecia. Since the sample removed is very small (approximately 2.5 mm in diameter), the site spontaneously heals without any visible scars.

The collected specimens are placed in a device that generates cellular suspension. It extracts the growth factors and cells from the hair follicles that have regenerative abilities. The suspension is then injected into balding areas of the scalp to initiate the growth process.


The treatment triggers hair follicle regeneration. A reduction in hair loss can first be observed. This is followed by an improvement in hair density (number of hair follicles) and thickness of individual hair shaft diameter as the normal hair cycle begins. The process also helps to activate dormant cells under the scalp and inactive hair follicles. The results can be expected around 1-2 months and maintained for 1-2 years.

It is safe to continue hair loss medications, hair transplantation, or LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) after the treatment to maintain results. In fact, the outcome is enhanced when done together with surgical hair restoration. It will also comfortable for the patient because the area is already numbed by nerve block.

Results come out satisfactorily well in patients who have thinning hair, already on hair loss treatment, and LLLT.

Who is Suitable

Regenera Activa is suitable for people who might not be ready for a hair transplant, or those who are afraid of surgical procedures. It is for males and females who are diagnosed with male or female pattern hair loss, or those who suffer from mild to moderate hair loss or thinning.

This treatment will only work if there are pre-existing hairs in the treatment area. It is not advised for telogen effluvium (rapid hair shedding) cases. If the area is bald or experiencing advanced hair loss, it will not be effective.  



  • Short procedure (30-60 minutes)
  • No downtime
  • Results can be observed within 30-60 days


  • Needs repeating every 1-2 years
  • Will eventually cost more than a hair transplant after 2-3 treatments
  • Non-permanent results


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