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Do you need to burn a few pounds? How about freezing them away instead?

  • FDA approved
  • Nearly 50% decrease in treatment time (35 minutes per area)
  • Covers a larger area with each session
  • Uniform cooling
  • Minimal discomfort

We first introduced fat freezing into our list of services through CoolSculpting, which is also known as cryolipolysis. It is a process where fat cells are destroyed by subjecting it to very low temperature, which makes it a nonsurgical body contouring procedure.

However, this technique is now on the scene to give us a leg up in this seemingly relentless battle against stubborn fats. This recent addition is CoolAdvantage.



CoolAdvantage is a collection of redesigned applicators by Zeltiq, which is the same company behind CoolSculpting.Its recent form is intended to improve the way it follows the varying contours of the body so that it can deliver the intended action where it is needed. It features a different set of configurations, an enhanced cup design, and shorter treatment time.

The Problem

It is commonly known that getting rid of stubborn fats is an exercise that often comes with its own set of frustrations. There are areas where fat tissues don’t seem to budge regardless of the amount of workout you put in.

The Treatment

Fat freezing is a non-invasive process of destroying unwanted fat deposits using very low temperatures. Using one paddle, a section of skin is suctioned into a cup to crystallize underlying fat cells. This type of treatment was based on an observation doctors made of children who ate a lot of ice pop experienced fat degradation in their cheeks. Since fat is more temperature-sensitive than the skin, this treatment causes it to undergo cell death before it affects the skin.

CoolAdvantage takes fat freezing to another level. With lower temperature settings, it can do the work 40% faster ( It also comes with a different set of applications within one applicator. It includes the following:

  • CoolFit Advantage: targets vertical areas of fat like the inner thighs and inner arms
  • CoolCore Advantage: targets the contours of the abdomen
  • CoolCore+Advantage:targets the flanks

The Results

With a certain number of sessions, CoolAdvantage will create a fat reduction in problem areas. However, you don’t expect these to be as dramatic as surgical treatments.It is permanent fat reduction technology, but only if patients control their weight.Any weight gain will cause the remaining fat cells to increase in size, or fat buildup will grow somewhere else.


CoolAdvantage is ideal for anybody who is determined to get rid of stubborn fats but is always pressed for time. There is no need to recover from this treatment, which means that you can return to your usual activities afterwards.

Complementary Treatments

Since fat freezing cannot address skin sagging, it can do well if paired with a complementary procedure. If the skin has been stretched around fat build-ups for too long,tummy tuck(abdominoplasty)is a good adjunct treatment to address the issue on excess or saggy skin.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is done by applying the CoolAdvantage frame and appropriate applicators to targeted areas on the patient’s body. The applicator applies suction while emitting cooling technology that will freeze and destroy fat cells. A tingling sensation indicates that the treatment is working.

1.) How is a CoolAdvantage treatment done?

It is done by applying the CoolAdvantage frame and appropriate applicators to targeted areas on the patient’s body. The applicator applies suction while emitting cooling technology that will freeze and destroy fat cells. A tingling sensation indicates that the treatment is working.

2.) What areas does it treat?

The CoolAdvantage applicators can be used to treat areas such as the:

3.) How is CoolAdvantage different from CoolSculpting?

The CoolAdvantage applicators come with several improvements. It requires less suction than the older version so that it is comfortable to the patient without compromising the quality. These applicators also come in a different cup design to cover larger areas, cutting treatment time to 35 minutes, while its predecessor usually eats up an entire hour. The contoured shape also allows closer contact with the tissues, which improves its efficiency.

4.) Who are good candidates for the procedure?

CoolAdvantage is suitable for the following:

  • – Men and women who struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that are also resistant to diet and exercise.
  • – People who are looking for mild improvements.
  • – Individuals who generally have good health.
  • – Those who are in their ideal weight.
  • – People with good skin elasticity (rebound) in the target area.
  • – People with realistic expectations.

When people come in at the Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic, their age and skin quality will differ. This is why an in-person consultation is important to ensure a thorough assessment.

5.) Does the treatment hurt?

The CoolAdvantage treatment prevents the usual discomfort with its redesigned CoolCup applicator. It eases skin suction, which means there is less vacuum tension. This also results in less bruising after the treatment.

6.) How many treatments are needed?

To determine the required number of treatments a patient needs, there should be an in-person evaluation to assess the extent of work to be done. It can be expected that some patients will need more sessions than others to achieve the desired results.

7.) How soon will I see results?

The results are not immediately evident right after treatment. However, patients will start to notice improvements around 3 weeks following treatment and dramatic changes over a period of 1-3 months.

8.) What are the advantages of the CoolAdvantage?

    • a. Reduced skin tension
    • b. Uniform cooling
    • c. Shorter treatment duration
    • d. Decreases post-treatment discomfort


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