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Crystal Tomato

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From local to global, Crystal Tomato® is a home-grown product of Singapore that has been making waves in the skin rejuvenation market here and abroad. This product is a natural solution for anybody who wishes to lighten their skin while improving overall quality at the same time.

What is Crystal Tomato®?

It is a one-a-day supplement that is scientifically proven to lighten the skin. It has 100% natural formulation as it is made from a rare breed of non-GMO tomatoes freeze dried into powder form. It can reverse skin damage, improve skin quality, and provide additional protection.

Crystal Tomato seeks to address the problem that a lot of women face when trying to conceal the effects of aging and the environment on the skin. It aims not to conceal but reveal radiant and spotless skin.

Suggested Dosage

All you need is 1 caplet a day to help achieve a fairer and radiant skin. It can be taken at any time, before or after meals. A single dose is equivalent to 3-4 fresh crystal tomatoes.

How it Works

Consuming this product is just like eating fresh tomatoes. However, eating large servings of the fruit will not give you the same skin brightening effect, nor will it serve as a protection from UV rays like Crystal Tomato does.

Regular tomatoes are colored carotenoids that, if taken in large amounts over a long period of time, will affect the color of your skin. It doesn’t have a whitening function, rather it leaves your skin with an orange tint.

Crystal Tomato powder is made from a breed of white tomatoes which contain high concentrations of colorless carotenoids called Phytoene and Phytofluene. These carotenoids, along with L-Cysteine, have been scientifically proven to lighten and brighten the skin by reducing the root of pigmentation- melanin. It converts brown melanin to pinkish melanin, giving you glowing and radiant skin.

Their high distribution factor and stability support their ability to prevent and protect your body from oxidative damage. This product also provides invisible protection from environmental aggressors from within.

How Does Crystal Tomato® Benefit Your Skin?

  • It acts as an antioxidant to protect your skin from free radical damage caused by environmental factors.
  • It acts as a natural sunscreen against harmful UVA and UVB rays, protecting you from sunburn, UV damage and photo-oxidation.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties to combat UV damage.
  • It reduces existing pigmentation, while inhibiting melanin formation.
  • It evens out your skin tone and creates a radiant complexion.
  • It addresses your usual skin issues like dark acne scars, dark underarms, and age spots
  • It prevents DNA damage and prolongs DNA longevity.

Advantages of Choosing Crystal Tomato®

  • It is a skin lightening supplement that has undergone a voluntary 84-day clinical trial at the Singapore National Skin Centre (NSC) to test its effectiveness. Results show that it improved pigmentation problems more than half.
  • Since it is natural food, this supplement can be taken continuously for visible lightening and radiance.
  • It is safe and suitable for all.  
  • The product is manufactured in the USA under stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.
  • Once it arrives in Singapore, each caplet undergoes inspection for quality.
  • Medically-proven to reduce pigmentation, brighten the complexion, while protecting your skin.

Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic is one of the authorized distributors of Crystal Tomato in Singapore. To know more about the product, you can visit our clinic or drop us a line, here.

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