Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore: Low-Level Laser Therapy

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Low-Level Laser Therapy at Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic

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For patients who are not yet inclined to get invasive hair restoration treatments such as a hair transplant, LLLT can be a potential alternative. A combination of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLT) and hair loss medications can boost the effects.

Medications would have to be taken indefinitely to maintain the results. While LLLT requires patients to initially undergo 20-minute sessions up to three times a week, and eventually dial it down to a monthly basis.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy is an FDA-approved hair loss treatment that makes use of focused light energy to stimulate a biological reaction and hair regrowth.

A patient who undergoes Low-Level Laser Therapy is positioned under a headpiece, that may look like a salon steamer. The low-level lasers or red light inside the headpiece is directed at the patient’s head to start the treatment.

Once it starts, the LLLT device creates a warm and tingling sensation to some, while others claim that it is virtually painless. The effects of this treatment go deep into the underlying layers of the skin to stimulate a reaction. The light energy will be absorbed by the cells initiating cellular repair that ultimately leads to hair growth.


LLLT does not have any downtime. You can have the treatment done and return back to your usual activities.

Complementary Treatments

LLLT and hair loss medications are efficient complementary treatments for hair loss. LLLT applies its therapeutic effect on the outside and reaches inwards, while medications aid in the chemical process inside the body to ultimately produce the desired result.

This treatment plan for hair loss is proven to be effective in promoting hair growth (Lanzafame, 2013). However, there are some men who prefer to forgo hair loss medications for fear of reported side effects, which is why some try the restorative effects of LLLT.

It is true that for both treatments, their results will take time before its effect can be observed.

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Dr. Tan Tyng Yuan, MBBS  is one of the few doctors approved by the Singapore Medical Council to carry out both FUE and FUT hair transplant (which includes non-shaved FUE where donor hair length is preserved and reduction in downtime after surgery is possible to achieve). Her special interest is in hair loss and hair transplantation and she is recognized as a graduate fellow of the ISHRS after completing a lengthy fellowship at an ISHRS approved institution.



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