Apa yang diharapkan dalam kunjungan klinik Anda Post Circuit Breaker tahap 2

oleh | Agu 13, 2020 | Pembaruan klinik

What to Expect In Your Clinic Visits Post Circuit Breaker Phase 2

Gradually easing into our ‘COVID-19-safe’ normal, doesn’t mean that we can keep our guards down. The numbers we see at present are something to be hopeful about. But, it isn’t something that we should take lightly, because what we are able to experience now amidst this pandemic is a result of collective effort and sacrifice. 

At this point, aesthetic clinics are allowed to resume full services. But, we’re opening our doors with stricter measures in place. These practical solutions are designed to prevent harm caused by an infection. And it may change a lot in the way we provide our service, but it’s a necessary step in the right direction. 


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To mitigate the risk, health and safety protocols are updated and briefed to each member of our staff. In light of these changes, we hope that our clients support these measures. Through these we can ensure the safety of each client, our staff, and whoever our patients will come in contact with afterwards.  


Infection Control Measures to Expect in our Clinic⁣

Infection Control Measures to Expect in Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic


The Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic is one with the nation in our strong efforts to curb community-acquired infections. We aim to make sure that the actions taken during the Circuit Breaker and Phase 1 will be sustained.

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