Hair Weaves vs. Hair Transplant: Which is a Practical Solution?

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Hair Loss

Today we will address one of the most common questions concerning different hair loss treatments.

When it comes to making hair fuller, there are two popular options that you can choose from; these are the hair weaves and hair transplant. Yes, both may give you the fullness you desire, but if you have to choose between these two, you have to weigh their pros and cons.

So what are hair weaves?

Hair weaves are made out of human or artificial hair and they are  woven or integrated into one’s natural hair to make it longer, fuller, or to create a certain hairstyle. You can either have it straight, wavy or curly, in all hair colors possible.

Weaves can also be attached in different ways. You can have them as clip-ons, which are actually the most convenient because you simply clip them on to sections of your hair. You can wear them day and night, but you have to remove them before going to bed.

Another method is the bonding and sealing, and this uses glues or keratin adhesives to attach the hair extension to your natural hair. Micro rings are also another method to attach hair extensions through the use of silicone wrapped rings which will be attached near the roots of the hair. Some techniques also use nets and nylon lace fronts which serve as the surface into which the extensions can be woven.

But it is tracking which is the commonly used method because it can last longer and is faster to create. 

In creating tracks, your own hair would have to be braided first because this is where the weaves will be sown in. The braids would have to be very fine and they should also be tight enough so that a strong hold will be created. Your weave could need a single track or several others depending on the look you want to have.

How hair weaves differ from hair transplant

A hair transplant on the other hand has a more invasive nature since it is a surgical procedure that removes donor hair from the back of the head and transplants it to the balding areas. There are two techniques for dong this, the FUT and FUE methods.

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation, and it requires the removal of a strip of scalp which contains the hair grafts. This is why it is also dubbed the strip method. FUE or follicular unite extraction is a method which is less invasive. Using a special tool, the hair grafts are individually removed directly from the scalp. It takes more time and it is pricier, but the FUE method reduces the risk of scarring.

Hair transplant vs. hair weaves

It actually depends on your specific needs and resources. If you are looking for a temporary solution to your hair styling needs, a hair weave would make an appropriate choice. It can protect the hair from damage due to too much styling because you can curl, straighten or do whatever you want with woven hair without damaging your natural hair underneath


Hair extensions are more preferable for the ladies, since they are fond of changing hairstyles. But men can also get weaves if they want to lengthen their hair or add in more volume. If your purpose is to cover up balding areas, you might need enough hair for attaching the weaves, and if there isn’t enough present, this may not be advisable.

Hair transplants provide a more permanent solution, especially if you want to cover up the damage created by androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness.

FUE Hair transplant technique

Males suffering from permanent hair loss are preferred patients for this procedure because the characteristic of hair loss is defined.

Hair loss in women tends to have a more diffuse pattern all over the head, but they can still be a hair transplant patient. Thorough evaluation would have to be done first to see who would be suitable for the procedure.


But one thing that has to be taken into consideration is the cost. As a very meticulous procedure requiring particular expertise, the cost of a hair transplant can run into thousands. Hair weaves on the other hand would only set you back a few hundreds; however, you should know that this is a temporary solution to whatever hair concerns you need to be remedied.


Both hair transplant and hair weaves take hours to finish. But weaves may require you to come back for several sessions, either to add more extensions or to change them. A hair transplant may require a repeat procedure, but only on rare occasions.

Hair transplant surgery should only be done at a clinic or hospital, while a hair weave can simply be applied at a hair salon.

Result and Side Effects

And lastly, one has to consider the long term effects of the two. Having hair weaves on for too long can be damaging to the hair as the traction created eventually strains the hair which can result in hair loss. That is why it is advisable to take them out for a while and let your hair rest. A hair transplant however, does not have any damaging side effects. It simply covers the bald spots and will last you for many years.

Now that you know what you are getting for both hair weaves and hair transplants, I hope you can make a more informed choice.

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