Why Laser Hair Loss Therapy is Worth It?


Getting rid of unwanted body can already be addressed by several procedures. One of such treatments would be the Laser Hair Loss Therapy. Know more about this procedure and why this is an excellent option.

Know Your Low Dose Laser Therapy


The low dose laser therapy, is a safe treatment for a variety of health conditions. It is administered by a device that emits light energy that is strong enough to penetrate the scalp. While similar devices are available in salons, this type of hair loss treatment is most efficient when done at certified clinics. 


Best Candidates for Low Level Laser Theraphy


Both men and women are good candidates for this treatment. A more specific way of finding out if it is for you is to use the Norwood-Hamilton Classification for males and the Ludwig-Savin Scale for females. Those who are suitable for this treatment are under Norwood Hamilton Classifications of IIa to V for men, and Ludwig-Savin I-4, II-1, II-2 for women.



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Clinical Evidence for the Effectiveness of Low Laser Hair Therapy


A polarizing subject matter, experts have conflicting views on the effectiveness of low laser hair therapy. Some are not impressed and have rejected it while there are some who are strong proponents. In fact, they suggest that it can be a complementary treatment to stimulate the healing process after hair transplant surgery, and even expedite hair growth.


Benefits of Laser Therapy


There have been no adverse effects reported on the use of this therapy, most potential patients assume. Some even commended it for being painless, since other treatment places the patient in significant discomfort.


If you are tight on budget, this treatment is more affordable compared to the other treatments. This is a reliable alternative that also delivers results.


Unlike other procedures, treatment time is shorter. It is almost as good as touch-and-go specially with a portable variation of the device. It allows you to grow hair on the crown area and right along the hairline of the forhead. For noticeable results, you need to wait 12 to 26 weeks of continued use. This is comparable to the rate of other treatments, but for less the price and discomfort of other treatments.


The only downside is that it is advised against those who are taking medications that are photosensitizing.


If you are in Singapore and want to know more about Low Level Laser Therapy, visit us at Dr. Tyng Tan’s Aesthetics and Hair Clinic now and book your consultation today.


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