Top 10 Reasons Why People are Traveling to Singapore for Hair Transplant


Top 10 Reasons Why People are Traveling to Singapore for Hair Transplant

Singapore is known for its modern and metropolitan lifestyle, which makes it a great destination for those who love the city life and the comforts that come along with it.
Nowadays, it has taken on a new identity as an emerging hair transplant haven. Below are the reasons why you should put the Lion City at the top of your list.


Highly Accessible

As one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia, you are assured of a hassle-free and comfortable trip wherever you are coming from. All major airlines have flights to Singapore and that makes it very convenient to book a flight to this country. Once you get there, you find have no problem roaming around the city because of its efficient public transport system that allows you to move around safely and quickly.
English is also commonly used in Singapore, which makes it a lot easier to ask around when the need arises.


Latest Technology

A big part of Singapore’s modernization is the technology that it prides itself with, and that extends to the cosmetic and surgical industry. Patients who go to Singapore are assured of the latest technology used for the FUT and FUE procedures. These are two of the most commonly requested treatments for hair transplant and are offered in Singapore along with other methods that give patients a variety of methods to choose from.
Every patient has a different story and need to fulfill, and Singapore has been proven to be a good one-stop shop when it comes to finding solutions.


Strict Accreditation

A great country does not rise from nothing, and one of its core foundations is the standard of quality that it upholds in everything you can find here. Because of this, the standards have been kept high to ensure that everything Singapore produces or provides is globally competitive. All the doctors are required to be licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) through the Central Licensing Branch (CLB).
This guarantees that the surgeon has undergone the necessary training and has developed the required to give the patients the best quality of hair transplants possible.


Great Education

Another edge that Singapore has over the other countries is the education and training that it gives to its surgeons. The country boasts of educational institutions that have made their courses available worldwide for the surgeons who want to focus on the latest hair transplant techniques.
The courses usually last a year and are with lots of training and examinations. Such courses are infinitely better than the short-term workshops that do not provide their surgeons with comprehensive training and leave them with half-baked skills. Furthermore, certification is also not an easy feat and is only awarded once the surgeons have actively participated in transplant procedures within the program.


Friendly and Competent Staff

The patients who go to hair transplant clinics outside their countries need all the support they can get. Many of them see hair transplant as a last resort to end their day-to-day miseries. So, the least they are expecting would be open and friendly interaction with everyone from the clinic. Such clinics are aware of the word-of-mouth that every client can create for their clinic and their country, hence the effort to give the clients more than what is expected.

Worth Your Money

Having a transplant abroad in a reputable clinic may seem to be cheaper, especially when you think of the extra vacation you are going to have because it is outside your country.
To top it all off, you get the right medical treatment for your needs when you go to Singapore preventing you from paying a lot more than you would have if you had gotten it from cheap but shady practitioners. The worst part about this is that it may completely damage your chances of regaining your hair, or worse, you end up undoing what has been done and spending twice or even thrice as much as you would for a single procedure.


Experienced Doctors

Aside from checking the credentials of the doctor, another aspect of their efficiency can be checked with their experiences as a hair transplant doctor.
This is something that Singapore clinics assure patients. Not only are the doctors legally licensed to provide this kind of procedure to their patients, most them have had extensive experience in performing hair transplants. Like any other skill, the more it is used, the better you get at it.


Incredible Aesthetics

The goal of getting a hair transplant is for people to not immediately notice the changes as they are made, which translates into a seamless transition from the balding phase to the growth phase. Singaporean surgeons know this all too well and aim to give the most unnoticeable results to all their patients.
Such skill comes from the extensive experience they have and their good understanding of the science that they use. Such great expertise guarantees the great results that you deserve.


Walking Incognito

When you prefer to get away from the prying eyes of your friends, colleagues, and loved ones, the best thing to do is to get away from them until you are ready to show what you have done.
Surprise them when you come back by showing off the minor results and let them get used to the growth as your hair continues to grow some more. Singaporean surgeons know how to make this happen gradually and with hardly anything noticeable which is exactly what you are paying for.


Tourist Fave

Though initially identified as a bustling metropolis, Singapore has a lot to offer as a tourist destination as well.
From the innovative double helix bridge to the beautiful green space found in the Bay East Garden, to the Chinese Heritage Centre and the Buddha Tooth Relic, to the luxurious Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island, there are a lot of spaces for the different interests you might want to pursue while you’re resting and recovering from your life-changing hair transplant.

To learn more about getting a hair transplant procedure in Singapore, call or visit Dr. Tyng Tan’s Aesthetics and Hair Clinic today. Fill-out our inquiry form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tan today!



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