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No woman would ever want to have sagging and wrinkled skin. And this is especially among Asian women who revere a skin that is smooth, tight and youthful looking. After all, a fine line on the face is an indication of the dreaded and inescapable, aging.

That is why Asian women go to great lengths to maintain the radiant and youthful contour of their face – from getting hand on high-priced anti-aging creams to bizarre skincare treatments. But these can be a little bit tricky. In the case of creams, it is a hit-and-miss process and can take a long time to see significant effects.

Compared to Caucasian skin, Asians are blessed with a skin structure that is less prone to wrinkling and sagging, which are indications of pre-mature skin aging. Some are even blessed to have skin that is virtually resistant to aging. In a Flare magazine article, it said that a 2005 study between French and Chinese women revealed that, “wrinkles took 10 years longer to show up in the latter group.

However, it does not mean to say that Asian skin is invulnerable to sagging and wrinkling. In the case of Singapore, the extreme humid heat and the Asian skin’s natural characteristic to lose moisture easily are the culprits of the inevitable signs of premature aging.

The Thermage Myths

Things you should know

However, aesthetics treatments have made it possible to achieve a tighter and firmer skin at a much faster rate compared to creams without having to resort to invasive surgical procedures. And one of the procedures that have created a buzz in the skin tightening and anti-aging arena is Thermage CPT. It uses controlled radiofrequency energy to tighten, rejuvenate and smoothen your skin by stimulating the natural collagen production and renewal process. Let us take a look and separate the facts from the myths regarding this tightening and anti-aging treatment.

Myth #1: Thermage is painful

There is some truth to this myth. The early generations of Thermage were indeed noted for the warm, stinging and painful sensation that it brings to patients during the procedure. Some described the sensation to be similar to that of a cigarette burn, as the radiofrequency is delivered in one continuous pulse. This has caused a number of patients to veer away from this effective skin tightening technology.

However, current technology in the device called Comfort Pulse Technology or CPT delivers the radiofrequency in several short pulses, which greatly reduces the pain and discomfort experienced in earlier Thermage generations. You may experience some slight discomfort during the treatment, as the vibrating pulses are delivered. However, this is minimized with a cooling spray that is delivered before and after every pulse.

Myth #2. Thermage is only for the face

The great thing about Thermage is that it can address skin aging not just on the face, but in the different parts of the body as well. It is primarily effective in softening wrinkles and fine lines, saggy jowls and chins. The handheld device used to deliver the radiofrequency comes in sizes that allow the doctor to maneuver the pulses even in the eye area to address minor sagging eyelids, puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Thermage can also be used to tighten the stomach area, legs, thighs, knees, arms and hands. It can also help firm up your love handles and buttocks.

Myth #3. Thermage can eliminate cellulites

Another advantage of Thermage is that it can help temporarily reduce the appearance of your cellulite. However, it is important to note that it can only reduce early signs characterized by mild and visible dimpling, or cellulite that is obvious when standing up. For protruding and lumpy cellulite, Thermage will not yield effective results. Another thing to point out is that there is no available treatment today that can permanently get rid of cellulite.

Myth #4. Thermage melts fat

There is one big misconception and even confusion that Thermage can eliminate fat. This may have stemmed from its skin tightening action, which creates an illusion that some fat has been melted. Earlier generations of Thermage have shown some degree of “fat melting” or fat atrophy, but this is the result of the inappropriate use and level of radiofrequency of the device. When used properly by a certified doctor, Thermage should not melt away fat.

But what Thermage does is tighten saggy skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles by causing the collagen in the skin to contract, resulting in the tightened appearance.

Myth #5. Thermage can improve all types of wrinkles

Unfortunately, Thermage can only yield improvements for mild to moderate wrinkles. These can include expression lines, crow’s feet and nasolabial lines. This means that Thermage is not a treatment of choice for deep-seated wrinkles, which can be improved with dermal fillers.

It will also not result in a skin tightening effect that is achieved by a  surgical facelift. It is important to take note also that the Thermage results are subtle.

Myth #6. You will notice immediate results

While most patients will observe some improvements immediately after the procedure, best results will be visible in the following months after the treatment, as the collagen production process takes its action.

Myth #7. Thermage has no side effects

The truth is that Thermage does have some side effects, but these are very minor and can only happen in very rare cases. You may feel some swelling, redness and bruising in the treated area. But with Thermage, there is little to no downtime. This means that you can come out of the clinic and get right back to your daily routine immediately after.

Myth #8. The results are permanent

While the subtle effects of Thermage are promising in providing you with a smooth, tight and rejuvenated skin, the results are only temporary. The results can last six months to two years in some patients. This is highly dependent on your own natural skin’s collagen production and renewal process, as well as how efficient you are in following the basic skin care routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

One of the great advantages of Thermage is that it is suitable and safe for all skin types, including Asian skin. It is important that you only approach certified doctors to administer your Thermage treatment.

If you are in Singapore looking for an aesthetics clinic that provides Thermage CPT services, Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic is the one to choose. Dr. Tan is qualified to operate the Thermage device. She also understands the complexities of the Asian skin and will provide you with a personalised treatment that will address sagging and wrinkling on your face and body.

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