Coolsculpting Do’s and Don’ts Before the Treatment

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In the age of the selfie, rock stars, models, actors and athletes have become role models for beauty – from the face down to the body.

The need to achieve that toned and slim frame has become the goal and the idea of being popular and hot is just too hard to resist. That is why it is no wonder that a lot of men and women go to great lengths just to achieve the figure of those who they admire and idolize. But for some, it is more than just physical beauty. Others also want a healthier body to counter the problems of being overweight.

So what do you do when you are the type whose lifestyle prevents you from achieving your ideal weight and body frame? You look for a treatment that is effective and lasting. You go for Coolsculpting.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling to get rid of stubborn fat that has withstood all the usual methods imaginable like dieting and exercise. A lot of testimonies have proven its fantastic results that are definitely noticeable, and more importantly, lasting. The treatment is touted to make you look great from all angles.

What CoolSculpting does is it destroys the fat cells that your body needs to metabolize before it gets stored somewhere else in your body. The area that you want to disappear is called the “fat bulge,” which is something that you could grasp and squeeze with your hands.

It uses suction to pull out the fat and then puts it between two cooling plates. These cooling plates are activated to produce a specific temperature that makes the fat vulnerable and easy to eliminate while keeping the other parts of your body, like the skin, nerves, and blood vessels, healthy. It normally takes an hour per area and multiple areas can be treated all at the same time. A popular area for this treatment are the love handles.

Coolscuplting Versus Liposuction

Because of its rising popularity, Coolsculpting has begun to compete  head-on with another popular fat reduction procedure, which is liposuction. The market is huge, and both are considered effective solutions for those who want to lose bulges in specific body areas.

What makes Coolsculpting seem attractive is that it capitalizes on the fact that it does not require surgery, a concern that a lot of those who want to lose their bulges are actually afraid of. Liposuction, like most surgical procedures out there, will require you to go through some downtime, the use of compression garments, and temporary swelling.

Coolsculpting is also giving the other non-surgical treatments a run for their money because it permanently disintegrates the unwanted fat cells. Laser and radiofrequency makes fat cells leaky or tighten the connective tissue that holds the fat cells in place, making them just temporary solutions. Mesotherapy is also a good fat destroyer, but not as effective as a single Coolsculpting procedure.


Patient’s Checklist

Are you considering CoolSculpting ? To prepare you for your treatment, we’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts we want every patient to know before the fat freezing process.

Be a good candidate

The procedure is not for everyone and a major consideration is your compatibility with to the machine. You should not be too much overweight because the machine can only fit a certain amount  of fat and this makes it a bit limited for those who need to shed a lot of bulges. In other words, it should just complement or reward your weight loss efforts and should not be seen as the main solution. It just makes the journey to your ideal weight a bit shorter and faster.

Another very important requirement is to have enough pliable fat that the machine can suck into the Coolsculpting attachments. Without it, suction will not be possible. To be sure that your bulge fits, you could have the concerned area measured with a template. There are three sizes currently available and measuring would determine the right size for you.

Know how many treatments you need

If it is your first time, be open with your doctor about  what you expect to achieve to help her determine the number of treatments that are necessary for you to achieve your goals. There are patients who are happy with 20% fat reduction while others need more. The treatments can be repeated every two months or less. Aside from goal setting, it also gives you a very clear idea of the cost that the treatments would entail.

Get the right people

Even if Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure, it should be performed by a board certified doctor. You might also want to make sure that there are assistants to facilitate the management of the Coolsculpting machinery and to apply the applicator heads.

Be ready for pain

Coolsculpting is generally a virtually pain-free procedure. But, a significant 10% of Coolsculpting patients may experience some pain after the procedure, which can be very minimal. In some cases, pain lingers anywhere from a few hours to a few days or weeks. If you are the type who is not so welcoming to pain, be prepared with a dose of pain reliever every 8 hours. For extreme cases, prescription medication can be sought from the doctor who did the procedure. Another remedy would be the use of Spanks or other tight, compressive clothing and should be done during the first couple of weeks after the procedure.

On top of the pain, you might also experience swelling and itching. Just bear in mind that the abdomen area has the most issues after the procedure with the thighs, back, and love handles having the least to no side effects.

Capture your experience

Documenting your experiences and sharing them with the other members of the community, inspires those who need more encouragement or those who are afraid of such treatments. Your documentation also serves as your reminder of the journey you had to go through to achieve what you have right now.

Patience should be your virtue

Now that you have had the procedure, it is expected for you to want to see the results of the treatment. Unfortunately, it takes anywhere from a month to four months to see the big change you have been dreaming of, with the most dramatic results happening after the two-month period. You need to give your body time to flush out the fat cells that were destroyed. This is expected to keep on happening for up to six months after the treatment.

It depends on you

Most patients anticipate long-term results after getting the treatment. The reality is it really depends on you and what you do after getting it. Weight gain is all about your genetics and bad eating habits, plus the lack of regular exercise. And if you go back to the routine that caused it in the first place, you will not be able to maintain your re-sculpted body for long.

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