CoolSculpting® Facts: How Fat Freezing can Help You Get Back Into Shape



After the food and festivities that went into the holiday, it’s just natural to put away your weighing scale for a while until you find the confidence to weigh yourself again. In the meantime, you would be busy thinking of how to get rid of the unwanted pounds and the unwanted visceral fat that comes with it. One of the procedures that has gained popularity is CoolSculpting®. And like anything that is quickly passed on to others, a lot of misinformation can happen, causing some potential patients to think twice about it. Below is an informed introduction on the procedure and how you can benefit from it.

What is CoolSculpting?

From an accidental observation of children eating popsicles who got dimples in their cheeks by doing so, the idea that cold can effectively target fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin or tissue was turned into a non-invasive procedure. This procedure uses precisely controlled cooling to target the stubborn fat cells that are found underneath the skin. Once the fat cells are crystallized, they just die and the body naturally gets rid of the fat, helping you achieve the shape that you desire.

The Myths

Weight Loss Made Easier

Because of the way CoolSculpting® works, a lot of people think that it is their answered prayer for weight loss. However, this is the farthest from the truth because this non-invasive procedure is a fat reduction tool and not an excuse for people to binge on whatever they want to.


As a fat reduction tool, it is meant to reduce fat in certain areas of the body which makes it the ideal procedure for those who want to contour some small parts of their bodies. The technology also allows it to target problem areas without affecting the surrounding areas. The cell fats burst and eventually disappear.


But here’s the deal: your body shall continue to function that way it has. This means that without the proper lifestyle changes that you need to maintain that hour-glass figure, the disintegrated fats will gradually come back until it reaches the point that they are visible and destroy the results of the procedure. If you are really dead-set on maintaining that new figure of yours, you have to put in the work that is required for it to happen.



It Repairs Sagging Skin

Going back to what it was created for, the CoolSculpting® was designed to remove the excess fat for cosmetic body sculpting. And as stated above, it targets just the area that needs fat removal, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected, including the skin. So in other words, CoolSculpting® cannot do anything for your sagging skin concerns.


Those who have lax skin have other options that are really effective in repairing sagging skin. Such treatments include Ultherapy, Thermage, and ThermiTight and they are known to do a good job in toning and tightening the parts that are usually susceptible to skin sagging including the upper arms, abdomen, thighs, neck, and face. Hopefully, this piece would stop you from going to those doctors who would try to earn a quick buck by offering you CoolSculpting® for your skin sagging concerns.



The Results are Instantly Seen

With the intention of attracting more patients to get CoolSculpting®, some doctors promote the treatment to have visible results right away, with some promising results as early as the next day or within the week of the procedure. What some patients fail to consider is that the treatment requires the freezing of fat for it to be eventually destroyed and flushed out of your body.


Now this process really needs time for the absorption of the microscopic leftover cell fragments, and the time needed would be anywhere from a month to three months with the most dramatic changes happening from the second month onward. There are even cases when the slimming effect lasts for six months with some patients needing more than one treatment to get the result that they really want.


And once again, this is not a weight loss treatment, so keep in mind that it will not stop the new fat from growing again once you stop dieting or exercising. In fact, a healthy lifestyle guarantees the permanent results that you would definitely want to keep.



No Pain, No Gain

Some patients are afraid of pain and the slightest hint of it turns them away immediately. This is the reason why some have been discouraged from getting CoolSculpting®. For this reason, it should be pointed out that this is a non-invasive surgical treatment, so, there are no needles or incisions to be afraid of.


What you do have to endure would be the intense cold and it is really intense. In fact, the patient should expect numbness and some level of discomfort when the device starts to pull, press, and contour your body. But even if that is the case, a lot of patients are able to read a book or even sleep while the procedure is taking place.


After the session is another story. Expect to feel some mild form of soreness and tenderness with a little bit of itching, bruising, tingling, and even swelling. Threatening as this sounds, these are supposed to last for just a week or so and rest assured that these side effects shall all disappear completely.



CoolSculpting is Just for the Belly

Because the belly area is a big source of insecurity for a lot of people, some would immediately associate it with this procedure. There is no truth to this myth, and the good thing about it is that it can also be used for other areas prone to storing fat like the stomach, love handles, thighs, upper arms, neck, and muffin tops. With CoolSculpting®, the patients are given another chance to achieve their body goals and it should not be wasted by completely relying on the treatment for shaping their bodies the way they want.


Despite it being a non-invasive procedure, patients considering CoolSculpting® should take it seriously. Ensure that you get it only from certified and credible cosmetic surgeons operating in a clean and safe clinic.


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