8 Common Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore and Their Pros and Cons


The fight against aging rages on, albeit on different grounds. The demand for non-surgical procedures is on the rise, growing 180% between 2000 and 2016. In 2017, around 15 million non-invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the US alone. Even South Korea, the world’s “plastic surgery capital”, is shifting towards non-invasive procedures. “Simple cosmetic procedures such as Botox, fillers and lifting are gaining popularity,” said Park Sang-hyeon of The Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons.

But the market’s fast growth can become a confusing mix of treatments and clinics all claiming to give you the best results. Those interested in getting work done on their face should conduct careful research. Below are quick pros and cons of some common procedures in the market to help you get started while looking for an aesthetic clinic in Singapore.


Acne Removal


Pros: Laser treatment works by targeting bacteria that forms underneath the skin, which is the root cause of many acne cases. Studies have shown that treatment is highly effective, with more than 90% reporting an improvement after a couple of months. The treatment is fast and patients can be in and out of the clinic in a few minutes.


Cons: Laser treatment uses an intensely concentrated beam of light, and as such is not pain-free. Patients may feel mild to moderate discomfort during the procedure. Burns are rare, but not unheard of. Effectiveness can vary from 35 to 80%, which means that the treatment is not guaranteed to work at the same degree of success for everyone.


Dermal Filler


Pros: For those looking to regain a youthful appearance, getting a dermal filler is a safer, less invasive alternative to face rejuvenation surgeries. Patients can use dermal fillers to add volume without resorting to something as major as a facelift. The procedure is also quick, taking an average of 15-30 minutes, and common side effects such as bruising and tenderness around the injection area subside within a few days.

Cons: The biggest catch to dermal fillers is they are temporary. Changes usually last around 6-24 months, after which patients will need to go back to their clinic for another injection. This recurring cost can be too much for some. Also, dermal fillers, improperly administered, can leave you with unnatural looking indentations and contours.




Pros: Botox is quick, relatively painless, and temporary. For people who are still on the fence about permanently getting their appearance altered, getting Botox can be a trial period of sorts, as effects only last 3 to 6 months, after which the face returns to its former look.


Cons: Botox, like any foreign agent introduced to our bodies, can trigger allergic reactions in some patients. The substance’s paralytic properties can also limit your range of facial expressions.


Hair Removal


Pros: Removing hair is generally a painful affair. Hair laser removal is the less painful alternative to waxing and electrolysis, where tiny needles electrocute your hair follicles. The treatment is nearly as effective as electrolysis in permanent hair removal — 90% of women who were good candidates for laser removal reported permanent hair loss after laser therapy.


Cons: While laser sessions are quick, the whole treatment working hinges on multiple visits, so it may not be optimal for people with busy schedules or limited budgets. A session can cost upwards of USD $200. And not everyone is a good candidate for laser hair removal, like women whose skin is darker than their hair, because the lasers will have a difficult time differentiating between hair and skin.




Pros: Skin facial treatments are some of the most common in the skin care industry, with some even advocating once-a-month treatment. Done correctly by a licensed professional, facials can ease wrinkles and mediate the effects of pollution and everyday skin damage.


Cons: Different skin types can react differently. Facials give some people a glowing, youthful complexion, while it can give people with sensitive skin acne breakouts, swelling, and redness. The effects of facials can also take some time to show, unlike treatments like Botox.


Chemical Peel


Pros: Chemical peels are best known for treating blemishes, and correcting uneven skin tones. It also tightens the skin, which can reduce the visibility of wrinkles. The treatment is non-invasive, and unlike most cosmetic treatments, can be concluded with a single visit. This means that patients do not need multiple appointments to see the results of a chemical peel.


Cons: As the name suggests, chemical peels work by using a mix of chemicals to strip the face of dead skin cells. The procedure also requires dedicated aftercare, as the skin becomes sensitive and dry after the treatment. Left untreated by sunblock or moisturizer, skin treated by chemical peels can scar or become unevenly pigmented.




Pros: Microdermabrasion is the least intensive procedure for removing acne scars, and can be used to remove scarring from anywhere on the body. The procedure works by stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells, reducing pigmentation and unclogging pores.


Cons: Microdermabrasion cannot completely remove acne scars. Scars that have formed more than 3 years ago, or deep acne scars, will need stronger treatment. The procedure is also not recommended for persons with skin conditions like eczema and lupus.


Thermage CPT


Pros: Thermage CPT is a procedure that uses radio frequency waves to stimulate collagen production. The treatment is a non-invasive way to tighten skin, and requires little to no downtime.


Cons: The results of Thermage CPT typically take a few months to appear, in contrast to surgical procedures like facelifts. Patients also need to return to the clinic for multiple sessions to get optimal results.


An increasing number of people are looking to non-invasive procedures to take better care of their skin. And where demand grows, so does risk. Because most non-invasive procedures can be performed by just about anyone, many unqualified clinics may be overselling the benefits of treatment while hiding potential complications.


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