A Beginner’s Guide on Thermage CPT

Beautiful Woman - Thermage CPT Beginners Guide


Thermage CPT have gained notoriety in skin tightening, but it still escapes a lot of people’s attention today. The reason why it remains to be among the roster of services in a lot of aesthetic clinics in Singapore today is because it has been proven to deliver results. So, if you are interested in a non-surgical treatment to beat the signs of aging on your face and body, you need to read this.



How Thermage CPT Works

Thermage CPT uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep layers of the skin. Once the skin tissues are heated, remodeling occurs on the existing collagen in your skin so that it becomes more cohesive. It stimulates the production of new collagen.


Collagenis the most abundant protein in our body that gives our skin its firmness, elasticity, and suppleness. It also has an important role in skin renewal. However, when collagen levels start to dwindle, the skin starts to sag, and wrinkles start to take shape.


Thermage promotes collagen renewal to give your skin that lift even without a single incision. The device tip provides a gentle touch during the procedure. The skin is also cooled with a cryogen spray from which the term CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) is derived. This makes every pulse painless while the deeper tissues are treated with radiofrequency heating.


When To Decide To Get a Thermage?

• When you aim to reduce facial wrinkles.

• When you are already showing signs of brow, eyelids, neck sagging or jowls.

• When you wish to promote skin tightening.

• When you want to reduce excess cellulite in different areas of the body, or tone up loose skin from recent weight loss or childbirth (mommy tummy).

• When you are not ready for a surgical facelift.

• When you don’t have the time, and you want to tighten skin in only one session.

• If you want to tighten sagging jowls or a double chin (“turkey neck”)


What Disqualifies You from Thermage Treatment?

• Very young patients (below 20 years of age)

• Pregnancy

• When you have any kind of body implant (e.g. pacemaker, facial metal plate; crowns root canals are okay)

• Existing weakness in the targeted muscles

• Skin disorders (e.g. collagen disorders, skin that is too loose)


What Kind of Results Can Be Expected with Thermage?

While some patients may show immediate improvement, some patients respond to the treatment progressively. The gradual improvement can take over 1-6 months.  The skin should be firmer and tighter with better elasticity. These improvements can give you a more youthful appearance.


Practitioners believe that Thermage can yield impressive results when done on the right patient. This is why some patients need only one treatment session. For some who do not produce noticeable results, it doesn’t mean that the treatment did not work. Patients has to be carefully chosen to ensure that Thermage is an appropriate treatment for your level of skin aging.


Thermage Aftercare

• You may apply make-up immediately after your Thermage session.

• Avoid irritating the treated area chemically (e.g. using acne or anti-aging products) or mechanically (e.g. isotonic cleansing systems) at least a day or two after treatment.

• Gently wash the treated area with mild soap and water. Pat it gently with a washcloth instead of rubbing it dry.

• Expect to look a bit flushed/pink on treatment areas but it goes away in a few hours.


Common Misconceptions

1. Thermage is now painless

Thermage is painful. This is why a strong numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment. However, with 3rd generation CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) the sensation that comes along with the treatment becomes more tolerable.


2. Thermage is only for the face


Thermage can also target several areas of the body which includes the following:

• Eyes (upper lid/lower lid lines/eye bags)

• Face

• Neck

• Jowls

• Belly

• Arms

• Hands

• Buttocks

• Knees

• Thighs


3. Thermage can eliminate cellulite


Thermage can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but only if the treatment is done on mild and visible dimpling. However, it will not give significant improvement for protruding and lumpy cellulite.


4. Thermage melts fat


Thermage cannot eliminate fat, although the skin tightening action may create an illusion that some fats have been melted. Earlier versions of the device have shown some degree of fat atrophy, but this is actually a result of inappropriate use. One study states that, “with increasing fluences being used, some adverse effects, such as fat necrosis and atrophic scarring, were noted in some patients”. However, with later treatment paradigms the best recommended involves lower energies, multiple passes, and patient feedback on heat sensation.


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Thermage CPT for Different Problem Areas

Thermage CPT may consist of one device platform, but it comes with a selection of single-use treatment tips for the face, eyes, and body. Each tip has a unique heating profile that delivers the appropriate treatment for specific areas.


a. Thermage for the Eyes

The skin around the eyes are among the thinnest in the body making it vulnerable to aging. Eye creams and serums can only go so far, especially when the area is already showing significant signs of aging.  This can result in wrinkles around the eyes or eyelid drooping.


Thermage for the eyes just one of the few devices that can tighten this delicate area. It smooths and tightens the skin, consequently softening fine lines and wrinkles. It will make the eye area appear more open and alert. With tauter and smoother contours, it makes it easier for you to apply make-up.


b. Thermage for the Face

Thermage can also target skin aging concerns on the face and neck. It can lift the cheeks, the skin of the jawline and the eyebrows to create a rejuvenated look. Its skin firming abilities also makes Thermage a non-invasive face contouring treatment.


c. Thermage for the Body

As mentioned earlier, Thermage can also be used on other parts of the body as a contouring treatment. It can improve the appearance of crepey and sagging skin. It can also smooth out bulges and dimpling. However, you do have to understand that results may not be as dramatic as surgery, therefore proper patient selection is also necessary to ensure desired results are achieved.


Thermage in Mommy Makeovers

Thermage is also one of the usual treatments included in a mommy makeover.It can help improve the appearance of the skin after it has undergone drastic change due to pregnancy and its hormones. So, it’s not surprising why a lot of new moms are interested in these kinds of treatments.


Skin sagging and cellulite are just some of the concerns new moms have to contend with. The abdomen, buttocks and legs are often affected as a result of weight changes during and after pregnancy. Thermage provides a safe and effective way of firming or toning up the skin by triggering its natural ability to heal itself.


The treatment serves as an attractive option for new moms, especially when they can’t afford a prolonged downtime with a new baby to take care of. It only needs one session without downtime, making it an efficient solution in terms of results and budget.


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Thermage CPT vs Other Skin Tightening Treatments

There are several non-invasive treatments available to you today, making it more challenging for you to decide. To help you in finding a suitable option for your specific concern, we’ve compared Thermage with some of the popular treatments today.


 Thermage CPTUltherapyTitanCoolsculpting
How it worksUses radiofrequency energy for collagen regenerationUses ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen productionLight-based system (infrared light) to heat up and initiate skin tightening in the dermisUses Cryolipolysis to freeze fat tissues and break them down for the body to eliminate naturally.
Target AreasFace, eye areas, neck, arms, back of the hands, abdominal area, lower extremities, buttocks, knees, thighsFace, brow area, skin laxity around the eyes, chin, areas around the mouth, jawline, neck and chest (décolletage)Forehead, cheeks, jowls, under the chin, abdomen, neck, back of the arms, inner thighsAbdomen, flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, and double chins, arms, love handles
Length of Treatment45 minutes to an hour and a halfTake as little as half an hourEach area must be treated for at least 10-15 minutes 35 minutes per area
Treatments NeededOne treatmentMost patients only need 1 treatment, however, some benefit with more than a single session. 3 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apartMore than 20% of fat reduction in 1 session. A patient may need more than 1 session within 3 months. Full results can be achieved in 3 months or as early as 1 month.
Pain Level

There is a certain amount of pain, but with the latest 3rd generation CPT, the comfort will be much better.

A strong numbing cream must be applied beforehand.

You may feel a slight discomfort as small amounts of ultrasound energy is being deposited in precise depths. Comfort levels will vary for each person.Minimal patient discomfort; anaesthesia is not requiredPainless
DowntimeNo downtimeNo downtimeIt may potentially result in skin redness or swelling

Mild aching

Potential bruising that is transient

ResultsThe results may be seen immediately and peaks at 6 months and can last for up to 2 years.


The results will depend on a patient’s age and skin condition.

Creates a significant lift of tissues over 2-3 months.The results are slowly progressive. Tightening and lifting will continue up to 6 months after the procedure. The result can last over a year.

It provides permanent fat reduction,  unless patients puts on more weight.

Patient has feedback with more than 1 session. Even with weight gain, treated area does not gain back as much as before.



Price starts at 2000 SGD before GST. It varies depending on the area being treated.

If you have more questions on skin tightening treatments, or Thermage CPT in particular, we encourage you to get a consultation now. Seek professional guidance so you can decide on the treatment that will be suitable for you.


Be properly advised, book an appointment with Dr. Tyng Tan today. At Aesthetics Hair and Clinic, Dr. Tyng Tan will gladly answer any questions you have about cosmetic skin procedures.




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