A feature on Dr Tyng Tan in 健康 No.1, a Chinese quarterly health and lifestyle magazine

Dr. Tyng Tan’s career in the field of aesthetics has spanned a good decade.

With a strong commitment towards quality service, Dr. Tan holds the certification to operate medical-grade aesthetic devices. She is also among the few female hair transplant surgeons in Singapore who is trained in the No-Shave FUE.
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4 FUE Hair Transplant Technologies

While medication and other treatments can help stop or slow down hair thinning, hair transplant surgery remains the only solution to restore areas where extensive hair loss has taken place (Source).   At Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic we … Continue reading

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Why A Hair Transplant Doesn’t Come Cheap?

It’s normal to dread the imminent threat of baldness once you notice that you are losing your hair progressively. While there are different ways to address the problem, a hair transplant remains to be the desired route if you wish … Continue reading

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Losing Your Mind: The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Selfies and social media have created a culture that brings the focus on appearance. And in this society where how you look is important, one’s hair plays a big part in the desired image that gets sent out for all … Continue reading

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12 Important Questions to Ask Before A Hair Transplant

Over the years, the

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Reasons Why Youthful-Looking People Look Young

Why do some people look like their teens in their 40s, while others see the start of a sagging face at 30?   That’s the multibillion dollar question that has driven the anti-aging industry for thousands of years. And today, … Continue reading

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Are Dermal Fillers Right For Me?

We’ve been fighting time since time began. Cleopatra took daily milk baths. Women during the Elizabethan era would slather their faces with raw meat to minimize wrinkles. Victorian women used mercury — a highly corrosive substance — to minimize acne … Continue reading

Date: March 28th, 2019 | Author: | Category: Blog, Skin Care, Treatments

Regenera Activa Vs. Hair Transplant: Which is the Better Choice?

Last updated on December 19, 2019   Hair loss is a problem with varying solutions such as medications, laser, and surgery just to name a few. Among all these, a

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Five Hair Loss Treatments in Singapore This 2019

Anybody in Singapore who suffers from hair loss in 2019 should know that there is a range of treatments you can explore today. To get you started at a good place, here’s a helpful brief on 5 hair loss treatments … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide on Thermage CPT

  Thermage CPT have gained notoriety in skin tightening, but it still escapes a lot of people’s attention today. The reason why it remains to be among the roster of services in a lot of aesthetic clinics in Singapore today … Continue reading

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